Accounting Consulting Services

Accounting Consulting Services

Your success and profitability is the key driver of our Accounting Consulting Services


Accounting Consulting ServicesIt is as simple as that. We eliminate the frustrations and the day-to-day grind of business ownership that deals with accounting or consulting services. While most business owners and new entrepreneurs see today’s economy as a challenge or even an outright threat, the professionals at Balog + Tamburri, CPA’s see it in the same light as the top American business entrepreneurs – a unique opportunity to enhance their profits by building on what made them great in the first place. If you are truly committed to gaining ground in this period of opportunity while others are running for the hills, do what your competition is not doing.

This is what differentiates Balog + Tamburri, CPA’s (B+T) from the rest of the pack. We work with you and your key people to create a portrait of the total company and show you how to INCREASE PROFITS while your competition is just cutting costs. Using our unique ProfitPlus Framework, we create a profit-focused business plan that is custom-designed for your business, your environment, and your market. At B+T we understand that being unique is what makes you successful. Cookie-Cutter solutions are for the “also-ran” companies. We look at each business as a unique opportunity to become the foremost provider of your specific product.

For the past 25 years, we at B+T have consistently sought unique solutions to companies in an ever-changing business environment. Like snowflakes, no two companies are alike. That is also what differentiates us from the pack – we have no allegiances to any “Solutions” vendor. We look for the environment that is right for you, not us.

If you strive to become one of America’s best small and medium-sized businesses, now is the time to take action and maximize the return of your investment in Economic, Intellectual and Human Capital. Let’s work together to maximize the benefits of your company’s synergies and take full advantage of today’s new opportunities.


Our Approach to Client Service

We jointly endeavor to arrive at workable and integrated solutions to the issues you face today, while never losing sight of the dynamic issues of tomorrow. We work to transfer our know-how and experiences to your staff. Unlike other firms that propose a long-term, capital-draining relationship, we strive to arrive at innovative solutions on a control-based, profit-oriented basis.

While most firms use your organization to train their professional staff, every B+T professional brings more than ten years of direct experience in their respective field of specialization. They are known for their accomplishments as industry leaders, educators, and consultants. Together, we provide our clients with consultative services that exceed your expectations.

All our Consulting Practice services employ a proprietary, structured Ten-Step Process that ensures that our “profit-enhancement” focus is an integral aspect of every engagement. This Process focuses on the development of control-based, cost effective solutions that identify and eliminate the root causes of our client’s challenges, not just a “Quick Fix.” Past successes, range of clients and longevity in the market stands to prove that our approach continues to result in long-lasting, systemic, solutions to our client’s immediate challenge, as well as an effective prevention against future similar challenges.

For More Information call Rob Tamburri, CPA/PFS, Managing Partner at 770-853-0074.

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