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Bookkeeping and Accounting Solutions
Bookkeeping, Audit and Accounting

Bookkeeping and Accounting Solutions

On-Site or Remote Bookkeeping Solutions

As your CPA Firm, Balog + Tamburri, CPAs provides both on-site and remote bookkeeping and accounting services at competitive rate.  WE ONLY EMPLOY DEGREED ACCOUNTANTS OR CPAs who are all QuickBooks ProAdvisors. This way we can provide our clients with a cost-effective service with the full knowledge, qualifications and experience of accounting professionals. By using seasoned professionals, we can spot business irregularities, potential fraudulent transactions and offer business advice other firms using “Bookkeepers” can’t. We specialize in QuickBooks®, Peachtree® and other accounting software ensuring your financial records are in total compliance, and that your daily operations run at peak efficiency.

Accounting + Financial Statement Preparation

As your CPA Firm, we are committed to bring you a clear view through BOTH the windshield as well as the Rear View Mirror!  Your successful business must have a clear vision of the road it plans to travel as well as the road it has traveled. The accounting statements and reports act as your company’s GPS system – not only a clear view from the rear view mirror, but a clearer view from the windshield!

As your CPA, we understand that the key building block of your company’s financial health starts with your financial statements. Your Balance Sheet, Profit + Loss, and Cash Flow Statements provide the basis for all future business decisions. At Balog + Tamburri CPA’s we can provide much more than just these basic accounting statements. Comparing yourself to others is a critical component to understanding your company’s fiscal health. The benchmarking data we provide every month will help you chart your course to increase profitability.

As your CPA Firm, Balog + Tamburri, CPAs provides you with exceptional accounting and financial management of your company in a number of ways, including:

  • On-site or remote Bookkeeping Services
  • Clear, concise monthly, quarterly or annual financial statement audit, compilation or review
  • Virtual CFO Services that help you meet the challenges every business face
  • Financial Analysis, Strategic Planning and Budgeting Services to plan for the future
  • Our proprietary “Total ProfitPlus Back Office Services

As part of our ProfitPlus Framework we provide performance benchmarking metrics allowing you to compare and assess your firm’s business financials to others in your industry. Click Here for additional information on our proprietary ProfitPlus Framework approach to client service.

Audits, Compilations + Reviews

Our CPA practice supports a wide array of client and industries including Small and Mid-sized businesses, manufacturers, medical practices, construction trades, professional service firms, Not-For-Profits, HOA’s and other community property organizations. The Firm staffs our audit, review and other attestation and assurance services with knowledgeable CPA professionals who must complete over 40 hours of annual continuing education, assuring that our CPAs are current on the latest regulatory requirements and technical developments. Our professionals all have relevant industry experience, specialized training, and accounting expertise. Our “ProfitPlus Framework” approach ensures same-day response to all inquiries. We take the time to answer your questions and keep you totally informed every step of the way.

Virtual CFO Services

Our Virtual CFO Practice provides a symphony of concepts, methods and processes to help arrive at the right business decision. Using information from multiple sources and applying experience and assumptions, we help you develop an accurate understanding of business dynamics as they impact your unique circumstances. We gather, manage and analyze data to produce information that is distributed to your management group throughout the organization to improve strategic and tactical decisions.

  • What if you had access to a highly-skilled, CPA and seasoned CFO available when, and only when you need one to help grow your business and increase profits without the additional overhead of a full-time employee?
  • What if you had a CPA and seasoned CFO to provide the right Business Intelligence to help you arrive at the right decision at the right time?

As your CPA Firm. our Virtual CFO Service provides you the right information to help you make the difficult decisions to:

  • Help manage your cash flow to ensure your company has adequate working capital for growth.
  • Attend key meetings with bankers, insurance brokers, and others.
  • Provide you with budgets, analyses, and forecasts on demand.
  • Be your Financial Support Team to eliminate business challenges.
  • Help you design, install and manage the accounting policies, procedures, and job descriptions essential for your company’s smooth financial operation.
  • Help develop your strategic growth plans.
  • Be your accounting function, or supervise your own bookkeepers.
  • Attend Board Meetings and meet with your outside investors while remaining objective and independent.

Click here to learn more about our Virtual CFO Services.

As your CPA Firm we provide help developing Financial Analysis, Forecasts, Budgets and Projections

Looking through the windshield is often more important than gazing through the rear-view mirror. We believe that assisting you develop the financial forecasts for your business is critical as reporting on your past performance. That is what differentiates us from the pack. As part of our ProfitPlus Framework, we provide an in-depth analysis of your past financial performance, as well as creating a forward-looking projection of where your organization is heading. We not only help create forecasts, but we teach forecasting techniques to Fortune 50 companies. Whether you need basic projections or complex financial models, our internationally-recognized professionals will work with you to obtain the decision-support data you require.

Total ProfitPlus Back Office Support Services

You started your business to provide a specific service or make or sell a product. Now you find yourself spending your time managing finances, people and vendors. There is a solution: Balog + Tamburri’s Total Back Office Support Practice. Using our unique ProfitPlus Framework, we create a vision-focused business plan that ensures the achievement of your Mission. Let us be your Back Office, eliminating the cost of employees and the related overhead costs they create. Let us end the need to purchase administrative and accounting software, and the frustrations of managing people and your I/T environment. Our Total Back Office Support Service is a symphony of highly focused services to provide your company the right level of support essential to ensure your success. We let you work ON the business while we work IN the business. You concentrate on generating revenues; we will take care of the rest.