Business Plan Development

Business Plan Development Services

A business plan is the key strategic document essential for starting and operating a successful business. It is a living document that projects the financial, operational and marketing activities of either a proposed or growing business for the next 3 to 5 years. It serves as the company roadmap that provides investors and company management alike a clear route and timetable the company plans to follow to achieve the stated goals and objectives of the business entity.

The Balog + Tamburri, CPAs’ Business Plan Development Team provides both emerging entrepreneurs, as well as, current business owners with either:

  • A Business Plan Review and strengthening of an existing plan, or
  • A complete and structured Business Plan Development Service.

Business Plan Review:

A Balog + Tamburri Business Plan Review identifies those areas of the existing business plan that need a bit of “tweaking” or elaboration in key areas to showcase the business plan in a better light for investors and stakeholders. These areas may include:

  • Management’ skills for overcoming existing and future challenges
  • Pathways for revenue generation
  • New product introduction and growth strategies
  • Strategies for enhancing the profitability of current revenue streams

Our Business Plan Review Services can greatly enhance your ability to generate interest and obtaining the needed startup or expansion funding.  We will also ensure that the business plan is complete, soundly supported and effectively presented.

Business Plan Development Service:

Our Business Plan Development Service is for those emerging entrepreneurs who are:

  • At a loss for where to start
  • Unsure whether your existing plan is adequate
  • Need a new business plan for bank financing

Balog + Tamburri’s Business Plan Development Team would like to work with you to create a totally new business plan.

We employ our proprietary and time-tested ProfitPlus Framework to build the right plan for your targeted investors or financiers. When bankers, investors, or other colleagues study your business plan, they will have a crystal-clear vision of your proposed business, as well as your strategies to successfully compete in the marketplace.

Balog + Tamburri’s Business Plan Development Team has effectively coordinated with scores of entrepreneurs in a number of industries from health care to retail to manufacturing to professional and business services, to transportation.

We ask you for the opportunity to exceed your expectations.