New Intuit Phishing Scam

New Intuit Phishing Scam

Balog + Tamburri  is sounding the “Lookout” alarm for all you users of Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software involving a new email phishing scam targeting. If you receive an email in your inbox with the subject line, “QuickBooks Support: Change Request.”—DON’T OPEN IT!!

This FAKE email claims to be a confirmation from Intuit that you have changed your business name and contains a hyperlink for you to click to cancel the request. If you do, the click unleashes a vicious virus that takes you to a site that downloads malware to their device.  The malware then allows the cyber-criminals to capture passwords and other personal information from your device.

We advise you not to click on this links. We advise that you check the reply email address in such messages by “hovering” over the suspicious-looking link to see where it leads before clicking to make sure it’s going to a Web domain you recognize and trust and not one with a similar-sounding name. You should also consider how Intuit normally contacts you to determine if this is a bogus request.

We are all too familiar with phishing scams. They have become all too commonplace today and not unique to Intuit.  Other Phishing emails can be skillfully constructed to impersonate a company, including using the actual corporate logo. Businesses should ensure that they have structured processes in place to make sure your employees can recognize a Phishing Scam and that they don’t even open emails from unknown senders, and that they know what to do and who to ask before they click.

Tax practitioners have also fallen victims to phishing schemes, and the Internal Revenue Service has periodically sent out warnings about the latest variations on the scams. Fraudsters sometimes purport to be emailing from the IRS or tax software companies to lure victims into divulging passwords or sensitive financial information.

At Balog + Tamburri, CPA’s, we take internet security very seriously.  We constantly advise our clients to ensure that their vital business records and sfe, protected, and proper back-up files are maintained. about-us-pic-revIf you have any questions, or would like to discuss how to enhance your internet and email security, please contact either Rick Balog or Rob Tamburri, at, or call Rick Balog, CPA/CFF, Managing Partner, at 904-945-1220.